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Why you really ought to add human powered captions to your YouTube Channel.

When implemented correctly YouTube captions are read and indexed by both YouTube and Google just like text based web pages. Captions are treated as a full, accurate textual representation of your video.

It is important to note that YouTube’s automatic captions are NOT indexed by Google or YouTube due to their inaccuracy.

High quality professional captions are the quickest and best way to take instant advantage of SEO benefits and rapidly  gain more viewers, subscribers and generate interest in your channel.

For too long hearing loss has been ignored, overlooked and disregarded despite the millions who live with its consequences.

There are more than 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss, 1 in 6 of the population.  By 2031 this figure is expected to rise to 14.1 million people or nearly 20% of the population of the UK.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 28 million of the 190 million Brazilians have hearing problems, a number corresponding to 14% of the Brazilian population.

In the United States About 20% of Americans, 48 million people, report some degree of hearing loss .

By the age of 65, one out of three people has a hearing loss.

60% of the people with hearing loss are either in the work force or in educational settings.

Studies indicate that these numbers will only increase.

By not captioning your videos correctly you are effectively excluding many people from your channel and you are losing out on thousands of viewers, potential customers and a huge business opportunity.
Are you considering the benefits of adding human powered captioning and translation to enable a return on the investment you have already made in producing your video content?
If so we are ready to help.
Our service is not expensive and we offer professionally transcribed time coded captioning with full quality assurance that deliver quantifiable benefits and increase the perceived value to your output.
For rapid turnaround and distribution online scripts are delivered in a text file format with time codes (.srt) so that the captioning can be added to your existing YouTube or Vimeo videos without effecting the comments, history or statistics of your channel.


All of our transcriptions and translations are undertaken by professionally qualified human beings and not by machines.


Captioning and subtitling is demanding work that requires time and attention to detail to achieve a great result. Give our service a try and we are confident that you will be impressed with the high standard of our work and our genuine commitment to delivering quality transcriptions, translations, captioning and subtitling.
We are more than happy to discuss the processes involved and provide additional evidence of our competence. Please do give us a call  on +44 (0)7973 523 831 if you are ready to make your video content accessible, international and search engine friendly.
Captioning Formats for Online Video Content
Format name File extension Additional information
Scenarist Closed Caption .scc Exact representation of CEA-608 data. The preferred format whenever captions are based on CEA-608 features.

The formats below do not convey CEA-608.

Format name File extension Additional information
SubRip .srt Only basic versions supported – no style information (markup) is recognised.
SubViewer .sbv or .sub Only basic versions supported – no style information (markup) is recognised.
MPsub (MPlayer subtitle) .mpsub “FORMAT=” parameter is supported.
LRC .lrc No styling, but enhanced format supported.
Videotron Lambda .cap Primarily used for Japanese subtitles.
Format Name File extension Additional information
SAMI (Synchronised Accessible Media Interchange) .smi or .sami Only basic features supported – timecodes and text.
RealText Rt Only basic features supported – timecodes, text and simple markup.
WebVTT .vtt Initial implementation.
DFXP (Distribution Format Exchange Profile) .ttml or .dfxp Interpreted as TTML.
TTML (Timed-Text Markup Language) .ttml Partial implementation. SMPTE-TT extensions supported for CEA-608features. iTunes Timed Text (iTT) file format is supported; iTT is a subset of TTML, Version 1.0.

Broadcast formats

Format Name File extension Additional information
EBU-STL (binary) .stl European Broadcasting Union standard.
Caption Center (binary) .tds Supports CEA-608 features.
Captions Inc. (binary) CIN Supports CEA-608 features.
Cheetah (ASCII text) .asc Supports CEA-608 features.
Cheetah (binary) .cap Supports CEA-608 features.
NCI (binary) .cap Supports CEA-608 features.