How to get started receiving cryptocurrency payments.

You can register as a merchant with and receive payments in a variety of crypto currencies.

If you prefer you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin with a debit or credit card from Coinbase

Step 1 register with Coinbase using the link below:

Step 2 buy some bitcoin, litecoin or etherium spend $100.00 and receive your $10.00 bonus

Step 3 Open an account at Binance using this link:

Step 4 transfer some funds from your wallets and start diversifying your portfolio

Benefits of cryptocurrencies:
The blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies is proven to be secure and is catching on fast.
It offers great opportunities for those who are prepared to get to grips with it and understand it.
Be an early adopter and reap the benefits.
Benefits of CoinBase:
  • Safe & secure way of starting your crypto investment journey
  • Directly withdraw back to your bank account whenever you choose
  • Pay for your currency with your debit/credit card instantly
  • Low transaction fees

Coinbase are currently offering a sign up bonus if you are referred by an existing user.

Once you buy or sell $100 (about £74) of digital currency or more, you will earn $10 (about £7) in bitcoin and so will the person who referred you.
You can then refer on to your network and earn again as they sign up.
Please use this link:
CoinBase is a secure online wallet platform for storing, buying, selling and transferring digital currency.
Signing up for the service is completely free and you do not have to buy any digital currency to join.
You will need some form of ID to set up your account.
You can initially just set your self up as a user and you are ready to receive payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum tokens.
This is very easy to do and you can convert cash to tokens and your tokens back into hard cash instantly or spend them on the internet or the High St.
Early retail adopters are starting taking payments in Litecoin for lower value transactions and sometimes offering discounts as the transaction fees are cheaper than many banking services so you can pay for your porridge and hand roasted coffee or ride with your phone or join the growing number of supplier networks that prefer to pay you in digital currency.
You can keep 3 kinds of digital tokens (Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium) in your coinbase wallet and keep an eye on the value of the currency using the handy graphs.
If you are a UK user you can also use the system to keep euros and pounds.
The digital currency market is still highly volatile and the value of your coins can go up or down.
However they are completely liquid and can be bought and sold instantly.
At the moment the trend is UP and in a big way.
Bitcoin has  gone from £600.00 to £7,500 in a year.
Litecoin from £2.80 to £75.00 in 1 year and Ethereum from £5.00 to £350.00 in the same period.
Once you buy or sell $100 (currently about £74) of digital currency or more, you will earn $10 (about £7) in bitcoin.
You can then refer your network and earn again as they sign up.
Your $110.00 investment could grow quite substantially over the next year if the upward trend continues.

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